Welcome! My name is Teresa, and here’s a bit of my story.

The past few years, I have moved a number of times. With each uprooting, I have found myself lost and dizzy with the task of building a life in a new place, again. But each trek presented opportunity, too: to discover new cultures and ideas, and ultimately, to redefine one’s identity.

This project was born from such a mindset. I had just moved across the country from Phoenix, AZ to Toledo, OH. I needed a big project; something to take me outside of my head, and outside our little apartment in Toledo. The idea to cook meals from around the world was the perfect antidote.

EarthlyDishes intersects my passion for not just food, but the encompassing experience it gives – tracking down the ingredients, preparing the meal, setting the table, and most importantly, enjoying it with good company. American culture hasn’t known or applied this process very well (though the farm-to-table movement is trending and compensating for years of TV dinners and fast food). The rest of the world… well, they get it.

But my interest in international cuisine began long before this started. I was a seventh grader when Mrs. Peterson assigned her class to present a piece of Greece culture to the class. Most kids created dioramas of Greek architecture, or story boards of Greek mythology. I made double batch of baklava. Even though I had very little cooking experience, I was motivated to be authentic (undoubtedly the driving force in my nature), and to create not just a representation of culture, but a cultural experience. I carefully layered the delicate phyllo layers, melted pounds of butter, and created a treat that to this day, the sight of which warms me with more pride and sentiment than any other food.

Several years later, I find myself in the early stages of my quest: to cook the national dish of every country. Along with Spencer, who assists with shopping, cooking and the all important “entertainment/ambience/enthusiasm” factor, he also gives his thoughtful critiques of each dish.

I find all recipes online; none are of my own creation, though time to time I tweek recipes accordingly to fit budgets, even ingredient or equipment availability. I post ingredients for readers to get an idea of what composes each dish. If you’d like to recreate a dish, click on the ‘Recipe Links’ page under the menu to find recipes I have used!

So… if you’re in need of a new cultural experience, but can’t afford that plane ticket to France, Mongolia, or even the Maldives, take a look. Bon appétit!

(Need some inspiration to get started? Click here.)